Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation Officially Launches Their New $1.65 Million Cancer Care Campaign!

January 15, 2021 | ttierney
Ribbon Cutting


The Pembroke Regional Hospital (PRH) Foundation officially launched its new
Cancer Care Campaign earlier today with a virtual event to make the public announcement.

This $1.65 million dollar campaign will fund the update, expansion and overall improvements to the
Chemotherapy and Medical Daycare units at the hospital along with the in-house Pharmacy
where, among other things, the chemotherapy medications are prepared.
PRH Foundation Executive Director, Roger Martin said, “The campaign goal is $1.65 million and
to date with the help of many personal donations from the community as well as through new
fundraising initiatives such as the Auto Lotto Car Lottery for Health Care, the upcoming Radiothon
and the Catch the Ace progressive lottery, we have raised just over $200,000 thus far, leaving
$1.4 million to go!”

Cancer is a disease that touches everyone. It doesn’t discriminate and sadly many of us know
friends or loved ones who have had it or perhaps who have had a personal experience. Despite
the many advancements in cancer care through prevention, early detection, diagnosis and
treatment we haven’t been able to eradicate it, but for those undergoing treatment we can make
the experience better and that’s the goal of the Cancer Care Campaign.

“In partnership with the Ottawa Hospital’s Regional Cancer Program, our satellite chemotherapy
service at PRH was launched in 2011,” said PRH President and CEO Pierre Noel. “When it
began, there were approximately 300-400 visits per year. That has now expanded to over 1,000
with more growth on the horizon. This is why expansion and upgrades to the chemotherapy unit
here in Pembroke is so important,” Mr. Noel said.

Through this campaign, PRH will be able to offer state-of-the-art care to more local cancer
patients. As Todd O’Connor, past patient and cancer survivor stated during the virtual launch, “I
cannot put into words my thanks for being able to have my second surgery and subsequent
chemotherapy treatments at the Pembroke Regional Hospital with my friends and family by my
side.” Keeping Cancer Care Close to Home is something so important to local cancer patients and
their families, it cannot be measured.

The funds raised for the Cancer Care Campaign will go towards upgrades for the Chemotherapy
unit, sterile room and Medical Daycare unit as well as new furnishings and equipment costs. This
is what the PRH Foundation needs the public’s help with to accomplish the goal for the needs of
our community.

Lisa Edmonds, PRH Foundation Chair, shared some of the many ways in which you can help:
 You can donate stocks, which offer tax benefits
 You can plan a donation from an estate
 You can make a pledge over a period of three or five years so that you can spread out your
 You can join our Monthly Giving Club or
 You can make a one-time donation

Donations to the PRH Foundation are welcome at any time by calling (613) 732-2811, extension
7408 or visiting the PRHF website at